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Prevent Potential Theft

Multiple homeowners neglect the security of their homes as they think they live in a safe neighbourhood. However, whatever your home location, trouble may strike at any time. Therefore, you should take the necessary measures to secure the safety of you and your loved ones while securing your valuable possessions against theft and damage.

Safeguard Your Property in Lewisham, SE13

Gain peace of mind knowing you are safe and secure, whatever your surroundings. You can relax with our speedy, reliable, and affordable burglar alarm installations. As well as repairing alarms, we board up any windows that may have been broken during an attempted break-in.

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  • Ultion, is the UK’s industry-leading security brand

  • Compatible With All Leading Smart Devices

  • Ultion Nuki has a 3-star PLUS Ultion lock.

Steps To Better Security

Don’t panic, as there are several measures you can take to maximise the security in your residence. Although some points may be clear, all efforts are important and may be the difference between a protected and non-secure home when followed correctly. Our handy security suggestions are detailed below.

Maximise Security

Having an operational alarm in your home is crucial. Take time for this to be tested regularly. You may also consider evaluating the security of having a pet dog, as certain breeds make a great intruder alarm and deterrent. We also advise keeping your home well-lit, mainly when you are out of the house or on holiday.

Think about Purchasing a Safe

Protect your valuables by putting a security safe in your home. Effortlessly fixed in wardrobes or cupboards, safes bring you added peace of mind in knowing your articles remain secure should a break-in happen. At A & E Locksmiths London, we also repair your double-glazed windows in the heartbreaking event of a burglary.

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